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Wow, it has been a looooong time since I bothered to witter on here. A lot of shit has happened since then...however today is all about the Spartacus series finale.
And what a finale. Blood, love, death, joy, tears, crucifixions...you name it we had it. Loved the "I am Spartacus" beginning, nice little nod to the past there. Poor Agron and his hands though; I nearly cried at that part alone until the eternally awesome Nasir gave him the shield/sword thing to strap to his arm. Gorgeous and clever, clearly a keeper that one.
It was always going to happen but I still wasn't ready for all the character deaths. Lugo, Saxa and Naevia were all characters that I genuinely liked (no love for Castus I'm afraid, I am a Nagron fan after all) and it did pain me to see them get cut down. Gannicus getting crucified wasn't much better, I'd have rather he got his "glorious death" on the battlefield. Although his vision/hallucination of the arena was awesome.
I am still amazed that Agron and Nasir lived, delighted as well obviously. There has been a lot of "goat farm" talk of late (lol) but clearly Mr DeKnight had to have written the ending some time ago and had decided that our boys should make it out alive. Whether it was because he knew they were fan favourites and letting them live would make us all happy, or because they were not historical figures, or because he wanted to make a point about the "different" character never usually surviving a program or film like this we will probably never know.
I would like to think it is the latter. Agron and Nasir faced a lot of challenges and came out the other side still together. Modern day same-sex couples face a lot of things in their day to day lives; a totally different set of challenges to what Nagron endured but the parallel is there. The irony is not lost on me that a culture from several thousand years ago-who had no qualms with forcing people to fight each other for entertainment-was more accepting of gay people than "modern" day society. Ridiculous.
Anyway, tangent aside, although a mostly sad episode, I thought the ending was surprisingly positive. Ok, so Sparty died BUT some of them escaped with their lives and freedom; things they wouldn't have had without the rebellion. And at the end of the day, wasn't that the point?
Needless to say, I will miss this program. I was a fan from episode one with the dearly missed Andy. I will miss reading all the discussion on LJ and Tumblr, I will miss scouring for Fanfiction and new pictures and gifs after every episode and I will miss the characters.
There is no other program like this on tv at the moment and I bet there never will be again. It was a forward-thinking historical series that has hopefully taught people a lot about love and equality and I think it came to a fitting end.

A mixed bag...

So...have turned down a job, eaten half my body weight in chocolate and pissed off my Mum by nagging her about over feeding the dogs, all today. Oh and also I am clearly spending too much time with her, because the constant (and I mean constant) sound of her voice is starting to make me want to pull my own ears off so I don't have to hear it anymore. I love my Mum and everything but I could do with some of that peace and quiet she is ironically always yapping on about...
Anyways, on a more positive and less potentially homicidal note, I applied for some jobs, walked my doggies in the sunshine (yes, we have had some sunshine in this country OMFG), ate probably half my body weight in chocolate and received Young Avengers: Family Matters in the post-woohoo!
Needless to say I read it in about five minutes flat but I will read it again and again so it is worth it as far as I am concerned. Also it is very good, the art is good (well the Jim Cheung bits anyway-serious bias here), the story is compelling and as usual it is funny and witty. Well, you can't have a pack of teenagers scampering around without sarcasm and snark, can you? Now I just need to find some money for the next YA book...

Just for fun he says, "get a job"...

Sooooo not a happy bunny right now. I have been jobless since the end of April (thanks to a shockingly awful pet company who fucked me over royally) and I am fairly certain that I will crack soon.
The fact that I was only in previously mentioned shit job for eight weeks apparently completely overshadows the fact that I was in other jobs for two and then six years, and I keep being passed over for shop/retail jobs. 
Thanks a fuckin' bunch, retail sector, for being so superficial.
Working in a shop is not rocket bloody science and I resent the fact that I keep having to complete stupid online multiple choice tests to decipher whether "you are suitable to join our team". So one of my answers doesn't match up to your computer's ideal candidate template and that automatically means I'd be no good to work in your precious crappy shop? Do me a favour. Shop work is not half as hard/important as you make it out to be. I have met some seriously special people working in supermarkets, do not insult me by assuming that because I couldn't hold my last job that I am some kind of retard.
(I enquired in my local Morrision's about jobs the other week and the woman on the customer service desk was breathtakingly rude. I wanted to ask her how the fuck she got that job if she couldn't even raise a freakin' smile to a potential customer.)  
If you'd actually bother to speak to these humans beings (not computers) that want the advertised position, you'd realise that you could
train us to think/say/do what you want...rather than write us off for ticking a wrong box. If you actually spoke to me, I could explain my decisions and then you could tell me why they aren't necessarily in keeping with the company's and then I would actually know why I am being told to sod the hell off. 
I also love the fact that lots of companies now advertise jobs with the instruction: "email for application form" or "send us your CV and we'll get back to you", because I know they will do precisely neither. I have genuinely lost count of the amount of companies I have emailed who do not even bother replying. I'm sorry, but where I'm from, that's just rude.
How fecking long would it take for somebody in the office to write a "thanks but no thanks" email and send it to everyone who applied? A single paragraph would suffice, but no. Instead you hang on and on, hoping to hear something...until you realise that several weeks have gone by and the company are clearly just wankers. 
I emailed a company with regards to a trainee position with their company the other week and I could see that the advert was old. I fully expected a reply saying "sorry, the position has been filled and we forgot to take the ad down. Our bad." but instead I just got ignored. Again, rude.
Now I don't consider myself to be particularly sensitive, but I have to admit that all this rejection is starting to get to me a little. I imagine that if you were a sensitive person in today's job market, you'd be in pretty deep despair by now...I'm slowly getting there I think.
I'm lucky in that I still live at home with my parents and don't have a mortgage or an insane rent to pay, but I still have bills (car, dogs, contact lenses etc), and watching that money go out but bugger-all go in is terrifying. I am slowly but surely selling most of my possessions, and if things get much worse I will have to sell my car(which will break my heart as I love my weird little Modus) and then I won't be able to drive to any potential jobs. Argh! 
I fucking hate my life right about now, I fairly certain that the only things keeping me going are fanfiction and my funny little dogs. Without them as lovely distractions, I think I would have just curled up under my bed and pretended to no longer exist. I am possibly being considered for a part time position as a receptionist at one of my local vet practices; which I really don't actually want because the hours are demented and my general view of vets is that they are money grabbing god-wannabes...but you can guarantee that if I turn it down I'll regret it in six months time when I still don't have a job...FFS. When did this become my life?? 


I'm in the geek in the pink y'all...

...y'know, accept I don't wear pink and am English so therefore could never get away with saying "y'all". (Jason Mraz strikes again.)

Aforementioned song is stuck in my head as I AM a geek (superheroes mostly) anyway, but lately I have become ridiculously obsessed with Marvel again. Mostly because of the Avengers film -so good in so many ways- and the forthcoming new Spidey film, but I have also stumbled across the Young Avengers. 
I adore the YA because they are mostly a gang of geeks who, because the actual Avengers are momentarily disbanded and/or dead , depending on the character, decide that they want to get their silly, teenage selves in on the action. As it turns out, most of them actually have slowly revealed links to the Avengers, be it familiar or through association. The familial links of some of them are down right bonkers but someone the writers pull them off.
Anyway, I have spent a decent amount of money of novels now but only just got my hands on Avengers: The Children's Crusade and am happy to report that it is as good as alleged. To my delight, my favourite YA'er Wiccan (shiny boy in my icon) is probably the main character, and mostly gets everyone in trouble with everyone else by trying to track down the Scarlet Witch. And by everyone in trouble with everyone else, I mean the Avengers, the X-Men and even X-Factor end up losing their shit with each other. Including a surprisingly blood thirsty Wolverine who wants to permanently "get rid of" the Scarlet Witch and also Wiccan. Not my Wiccan!! I was a little worried about buying this one out of sequence (although it is hard to keep up) but I found all the past events were explained clearly enough. 
To conclude my wittering, Avengers: The Children's Crusade is clearly a build up to the whole Avengers Vs X-Men thing that is happening (eek), but if you are after a decent plot, a little confusion and a heck of a lot of superheroes crammed in one novel, try this one. Also Wiccan and his BF are painfully adorable, kudos to Marvel once again for not being afraid to show all types of relationships :)

More Nagron Fanfic

More fluff! Argh, one day I will write something with a point/plot.

Title: There's a new light on your halo
Pairing: Agron/Nasir
Rating: PG:13
Disclaimer: Still don't own Sparty and Co, dammit.

There's a new light on your halo...Collapse )


Originally posted by olansamuelle at "BE HERE NOW" - THE ANDY WHITFIELD STORY

Be Here Now” is an inspiring feature documentary and love story, about the overnight sensation, actor and international sex symbol Andy Whitfield, who put the same determination and dedication that he brought to his lead role in the hit television show, “Spartacus: Blood and Sand,” into fighting life threatening cancer.

This is Andy's story, but it also about having the courage to make your dreams come true, tackling your fears and living in the present, despite the potential outcome. This film is for anyone who has ever faced a challenge in their lives. 

Andy Whitfield, in the prime of his life, had just realized his dream of becoming an international star, when he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Before now, he and his eloquent and charismatic wife, Vashti, had combined their will power to make every success in their lives happen, including Andy’s transformation from an engineer into an actor and sex symbol. Overwhelmed when they heard that the best medical treatment the world had to offer would only give him a 25% chance for survival, they set their sites on beating cancer by making a promise in matching “Be Here Now” tattoos, to take Andy’s healing into their own hands and live life in the present, not in the shadows, every step of the way. 

Not knowing what would happen, Andy invited a camera to follow him throughout his journey as he explores both medical and alternative healing option in Australia, New Zealand and India. This unprecedented access and his openness and honesty gives the audience an intimate look into his personal life, that is rarely shared, especially by a celebrity. It was Andy’s hope that by opening his story up to a documentary, he might help or inspire others facing similar challenges, while pushing to accelerate the pace of cancer research around the world. 

What he did not anticipate was that the story would also capture his, and his family’s, determination, love, infectious humor and self-affirming attitudes. And, as everyone goes through their own transformations over the course of the film, “Be Here Now” transcends the subject of cancer and becomes a universal life-lesson about living fearlessly, going for your dreams, embracing each moment and living in the present – despite the potential outcome. 

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On to victory...

Weeelllll, haven't posted anything for a while, figured I should considering how long it took me getting around to actually setting up this LJ...
Have been rather distracted from writing anything anywhere lately, constant job hunting is unbelievably mind-numbing unfortunately. Have some Agron/Nasir fic that only need the finishing touches to be ready to go but am struggling to dredge up the enthusiasm to stare the computer screen for any longer. Hopefully this means that all the time and effort I am putting into applying for jobs left, right and centre is not wasted, and fingers crossed that something decent comes my way very soon.
My other distraction was the Championship Play-Off final at the weekend. Football is a constant distraction as my team are so erratic (West Ham United, just in case you didn't notice the icon) but we managed to win all the appropriate matches and made it to the final. Eek! Winning the final means being promoted back to the Premier League so it was kind of a Big Deal. Anyways, we won the final by the skin of our collective teeth so yes, we are back with the big boys. I can't begin to describe how happy I am about that :D :D :D
Am now football free until the Euros in July (I think) so that is one distraction down for the time being. Back to the job hunt and Nagron scribbling I go!

All the Sparty feels!

I have written a decent amount of Fanfiction in my time BUT it never sees the light of day. NEVER. I have had a ff.net account for probably eight years and yet I have never posted a thing.
Mostly because I am terrified that it will actually be as terrible as I think it is (and people will point it out. Repeatedly) but also because I rarely finish anything. I have written crap for Star Trek (2009), Brokeback Mountain and wrestling amongst others.
I'm fairly certain that if I was at school I would be firmly labelled ADD or ADHD or whatever they're calling it these days. I get all inspired by a film/tv series and I write a bunch of crap, but I always lose momentum or struggle to keep a "hold" of the charactors in my mind. I find I need to repeatedly watch whatever it is so I hear their voices speaking the lines instead of my own (Youtube is a godsend at times).
And yet, for the first time in probably a decade of half-writing crap, last week I posted something totally original, 100% complete and to a community (where people will see it!) as well. Why is that? 

I have watched the Spartacus tv series from the first series with the late, great Andy Whitfield. I loved it, I loved Gods of the Arena but I never wanted/needed to write anything related to it. I was happy just to watch it. Then this happened:


Feckin' Nagron!
Pana Hema Taylor and Dan Feure-whats-his-name have taken over my life. It really doesn't help that I am currently between jobs so I have far too much free time to think and read about them. I find myself scouring LJ, Tumblr and the AO3 a couple of times a day (far, far too much free time) for any new fic or pretty pictures. I know I'm not the only one, judging by the amount of repeat posters and reblogs, and I think we need we some sort of support group. Nagron Lovers Anonymous (NLA) anyone?
Anyways, I don't think I've ever been this inspired to write by a single fandom. I currently have three fics in progress and an inordinate about of plot bunnies skipping around my head.
I have a fic that is nearly finished that involves the boys and horses. Yes, horses. I was out on my friend's horse and I found myself thinking "Dan Feuerriegel is a good Aussie boy, I bet he can ride a horse". Let's face the facts: Russel Crow, Karl Urban (OK, those two are Kiwis), Hugh Jackman and Heath Ledger all looked like they were born on horseback, it's the outdoorsy lifestyle or something. Genetically they win at being sporty, I've seen footage of Dan playing cricket, I bet he's awesome (still a lame sport IMO but whatever).
Anyway, returning from my tangent on hot men from Down Under, I figured that as it is widely assumed that Nasir has been a house slave since he was a small child, he was unlikely to have had much experience with horses and livestock. Whereas Agron was most likely terrorising the Germanic forests on horseback with Duro from small, in my mind at least, so I thought it would be kind of sweet if Agron could have the opportunity to teach his beloved about animals.
Yes, it clearly will be fluff. I am apparantly now incapable of writing anything else. And no, I can't believe I am writing it either. Damn you Nagron!!!

Geek is the colour for fall.

Saw the Avengers movie again yesterday. Slightly sad yes, but it was Orange wednesday and my sister hadn't seen it...and do I really need an excuse to want to ogle all that hot man action again? Ahem.
'Tis actually a damn good film, much better then I thought it would be. I had fears that it would be all explosions and CGI and no plot or script. Thankfully it has a very good mix of both, with some genuine laugh out loud moments.
Mud and horses, or how I spent my afternoon.
Long enough to take my friend's horse out for a hack, yay!